Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Three Little Gymnasts

Every time Aubrey went to gymnastics Lily would say "I want to take 'nastics'" and when Aubrey finished each class Emery would say "My turn" so we decided to let them try it. Their first class started with tears and me having to participate with them for the first five minutes but since then they love it and are eager to go each week.
Every month each coach nominates a student in one of their classes that is working hard and following directions for "Student of the Month." Aubrey earned this reward for the month of July from Coach Jennifer. She got this certificate in the mail, her name on a bulletin board at the gym and an item of her choice from the treasure box. We are very proud of her! Transporation Day at Bannon's Gymnastix
Here is what Carter does twice a week while his sisters are doing gymnastics. He does such a good job of hanging out wherever.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

John David's Birthday Party

John David Tuley turned 2 ten days after Lily and Emery. He had a "ball" party in the gym of their church on a Monday morning so it was more like a playdate. It was a very relaxing party because we were in one big room so it was easy to keep an eye on all the kiddos.
John David having a 'ball.'
The entertainment
The cake
The Tuley Family
Aubrey and Lily sharing a ride. There was a play area set up for the little ones.
Luv Ya, Sis!
All the babies born within the past eight months.
Jenny and Drew, Emily and Campbell, Jenn and Hallie, Katie and Lissie, Kim and Carter

Swimming with friends

While Wendi was here in Houston, she stayed with her mother-in-law who has an amazing backyard with a pool. One morning we were able to all go over there to swim and have lunch. It was a fun way for the kids to have some time together. The moms took turns being in the pool to help with all the little swimmers.
Mrs. Junod with Harper, Justin, Kaylinn and Brooks.Aubrey's going for a toy before it gets sucked into the filter. What are you doing, Lily?
Me with two of my kiddos and a stray bow in my hair. We cannot lose any bows in the Hall family!
Some of the kids are refueling on a cheese stick. Mrs. Michaelis is organizing a game of Ring around the rosie...
a pocket full of posies...
ashes, ashes, we all fall down.
Yes, Lily, you can fall down!
Aubrey and Emery observed the fun while Carter had some lunch.
Katie, Shannon, Jenn and I eating lunch.
TheBIG kids eating lunch.
The LITTLE kids eating lunch.

The Junods

While Nick was in town from Doha, a group of their friends got together for some child-free socializing. It was wonderful to spend time with Nick and Wendi this summer. Thanks to the Michaelis' for hosting the party!

The "Six Degrees of Wendi" Girls Mike and NickThe girls spent most of the time inside talking while the guys were outside playing washers.


MIMI got Lily and Emery this playhouse for their birthday. I had to capture how adorable they look "playing" house in it. As soon as it gets a little cooler, we will be out there playing with it a lot.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mrs. Hartley and Mrs. Hartley

After Lily and Emery's birthday party, we went next door to relax and cool off in the pool. Since baby Reece had just been born a few days earlier, Chris and Maria had a lot of family in town. We were able to enjoy some time with Mrs. Hartley (i.e. Chris' mom) and Mrs. Hartley (i.e. Stacy - married to Chris' brother). They are both so kind and sweet to all of our children and the girls just love them.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lily and Emery's Birthday Party

We had a pool party to celebrate Lily and Emery's second birthday at Champions Park North clubhouse. It turned out to be the perfect place for a party...plenty of space, easy to set-up and clean-up, AC and a pool.
It wouldn't be a Hall party without balloons for part of the decorations.
This is definitely the face of a two year old!
How old are you Lily? The girls found these little chairs in one of the closets at the clubhouse. So they decided to enjoy a snack and be silly while we finished setting up for the party.
The Hall Family before the party.
Mommy and her kiddos
MIMI and her grandbabies
Thank you MIMI and PawPaw for your help with setting up, serving food, watching/feeding Carter and cleaning up. We couldn't have enjoyed the party as much as we did without you!
Our Friends
Josh, Mary, Kyle and Emily Leamons
Chris, Angela, Cate and Caroline Paschall
Suzanne and Garrison Millender
Kirk and Jacqueline MillenderJoe, Stacie, Syndie and Grace Scalise
Shannon and Justin MichaelisSarah, Izzy and Madi Roemler
Wendi, Brooks and Barrett Junod
John, Angela, Jack and Joe Meloy
Michelle and Jay Erickson
Eric, Kari, Sally and Shelby Heuring
Andy and Elizabeth Clouatre
All of the parents got in the pool to be with their kids and to cool off. Mike helping the birthday girls jump off the side. Josh is swimming with Kyle.
Aubrey getting ready to jump off the diving board for the first time ever.
Aubrey jumping to Daddy. A lot of the kids enjoyed jumping off the diving board because not many pools have them anymore.
The food.The drinks.
The tables.
Wendi, Jen and Shannon enjoying their lunch.
Justin, Brooks and Barrett chowin' down.Yummy!
The cake table.
The girls getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday."The Hall Family after swimming. Lily blowing out her candles.
Emery blowing out her candles.
The favors.