Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Celebrating Mother's Day at School

Aubrey's class invited all the moms to a special Mother's Day celebration.
Each child greeted their mother at the door and escorted them to their seat. This placemat and a corsage was waiting for us at the table.
They decorated a cookie for us.
They waited very patiently for us to eat our treat before they got a cookie of their own.Then they sang a sweet song to us about how much they love their mommies.
Our gift was this handmade angel plate.Aubrey with her sweet friend, Ellie.

Fire Station Birthday Party

Heger had his 3rd birthday party at one of the local fire stations. Here is the birthday boy with his Daddy.
We were given a tour of the fire station, starting with the firemen's cubbies and all the fire trucks.
Carter and Lily were the only two that would even get close enough to the trucks for a picture.
But Lily wasn't thrilled with it.Lily getting a little TLC from her friend Meyer.
Then the firemen demonstrated how they get dressed when they are called out to a fire.
Fully uniformed fireman
The Hall family was more interested in playing basketball.
Last stop on the tour was a chance to hold the fire hose. This was the highlight of the party.
Then we went across the parking lot to Doneraki's Mexican Restaurant for queso, quesadillas and cake. Aubrey and Meyer enjoying their dinner.
Finger lickin' good
The two boys, Carter and Ty, enjoying a quiet dinner with themselves.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Good-bye to the Heitzmann Family

Our dear friends, Cory and Jennifer Heitzmann, took a job that led them to Brisbane, Australia. Before they moved down under, we had an adult going away party for them at our house. We had yummy appetizers catered from Berry Hill and added a few extra touches.
An always delicious cake from R.J. Goode's.
The Girls
The GuysSome of Jenn's other friends from church and her neighborhood.
Jenn is so creative and thoughtful. These hostess gifts were no exception.
We had the opportunity to get the kids together one last time before the Heitzmann's left town. They included us with their group of friends from Apple Valley Lane. It was a cold and rainy day so we headed inside for a playdate at Chuck E. Cheese.
All 4 in the front seat of a car!Jenn and Caden playing a game together.
Marin, Emery and Lily attempting to take pictures with the mouse.
Carter loved playing any game with a steering wheel.
Aubrey riding the carousel.
Emery driving a car.
Lily didn't care to play the games as much as she just wanted to hold her cup of coins.
Eating cookie cake.
Choosing a prize.

Good-bye and good luck Heitzmann Family. We will miss you!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Family Picnic

Our Life Group had our 3rd Annual Family Picnic at Jerry Matheson Park in Tomball. The playground at this park is huge and amazing. All the equipment is wooden and there is everything you could imagine to play on. But the favorite activity was running up and down this pile of mulch.
Aubrey with her dear friend, Izzy
Lily helping Daddy...
...throw and catch the football.The kids love to pull out these chairs, line them up, sit down and chat. I never catch what they are talking about but am always suprised by how long they will hang out.