Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Day of School

This was a BIG beginning of the school year for the Hall kids.
Aubrey started Pre-K which means next year is kindergarten.
Lily and Emery are now in Preschool.
Carter started Mother's Day Out.
All 4 kids are in school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Carter is such a big boy that he can carry his own napmat.
I know that all of them were not smiling this big when I dropped them off in their classrooms but I do know they each had a wonderful day!
Carter is showing us the animals in the Noah's Ark picture that is painted on the wall. He likes to stop each morning and name every animal.
We were a little early on the first day so we played in Ms. Kathy's office for a few minutes. Everyone at the school is so patient and kind to us.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Gymnastics Competitions

Aubrey made the Level 2 Team at Bannon's Gymnastix. What that means is she practices Tuesdays and Thursdays for 2 hours each day, mom and dad joined the booster club (20 volunteer hours), we purchase this beautiful leotard... ...with matching scrunchies...
...we purchase a warm-up outfit that she wears to the meets, for the award cermony and back home...
...we purchase this coordinating bag with Bannon's and her name on it...
...and she competes in 5 meets at different local gyms during the girls meet season (August thru December.)
Most of the sessions for her level were either early in the morning or later at night so one of us took her and the other stayed home with the rest of the kiddos. But we were cheering her on in spirit the whole time!
She competes in all four events -- floor, bars, beam and vault. Each girl does the exact same routine choreographed for their level for each event and every meet.
Ellery and Madeline are two of Aubrey's friends on her team. We have gotten close to both of their families with all of the time we have spent together at practice and competitions.Warming up for the big event.
Every meet each girl leaves with a medal and 4 ribbons (one for each event.) The color of the ribbon varies depending on their score from the event. We ended the season with LOTS of red and blue ribbons.

We are extremely proud of our little gymnast because of her hard work and determination. She is an incredible athelete but more importantly to us is that she LOVES it! She is looking forward to learning her Level 3 routines and doing this all again next year.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding Weekend - Wedding

The day of the wedding all of the girls rode the bus over to the church to finish getting ready for the big event. They got married at Highland Park United Methodist Church where Drew is the missions coordinator for the youth. Kim's dress was so beautiful. Her sister is using a crochet needle to get all the buttons in the back buttoned.Lori finishing curling Abbey's hair.

A few of the girls from the youth group that just graduated from high school offered to help with the kids that day. Before the wedding, while we were taking pictures, they took them off to play. They drove them from the church to the hotel, played/ate/danced with them at reception and stayed upstairs in the room with a few of the sleepier ones. It was nice for the parents to be able to relax a little at the reception.

6 out of the 10 children ready for the ceremony.

We got to the church at 2:00 and the wedding was at 4:00 so Carter was struggling a little due to his lack of napping. No one was going to take that bag of goldfish away from him at that point...even to take a picture :-)

Abbey, Emery and Bella watching the ceremony. The older kids did a fabulous job walking down the isle. Carter made it halfway down before he looked up and realized that a lot of people were looking at him. He froze and started to cry but Drew walked down the isle, picked him up and kissed him before he handed him over to my mom. It was a precious moment.After the ceremony, the whole wedding party loaded up on the bus. We enjoyed toasting the newlyweds before going to the reception.
Kevin and Lori

The cake
The candy table in leiu of a grooms cake -- YUMMY!
The girls eating mac 'n cheese from the buffet.
As their guest book, Kim and Drew had all the guest take a picture that they put in an album and then wrote a "sweet something" next to the picture. What a creative idea!
The Halls and Seelmans

Congratulations Drew and Kim! May God bless your marriage for a lifetime! We love you!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wedding Weekend - Rehearsal Dinner

My mom hosted the rehearsal dinner at Campisi's. It is downtown right by the Magnolia hotel so we could walk there. Lori and I helped her decorate before we headed to Highland Park United Methodist Church for the actual rehearsal. The restaurant was very light and simple so that is how we decorated. It was very appropriate for the beautiful couple we were honoring that night. My mom had special menus made for the kids that would be attending the dinner. Kim and Drew had 10 children in their wedding...our 4, my brother's 3, Kim's nephew and her two younger brothers.
Sweet and thoughtful Nana also put together these snack bags for the kids so they would be well fed and happy.
Great team work ladies!
While we were decorating, Mike and Kevin were in charge of getting the kids dressed. Mike let me fix their hair in the car on the way to the church!
Drew waited 30 years to get married so he was definitely ready. He was very calm and excited. We are so happy that he waited for the perfect woman to complete him.

All of the kids sat so nicely and patiently while we rehearsed.

My Dad, Judy, Grandma and Aunt Carol watching the rehearsal. The bow bouquet
Kim practicing walking down the aisle with her stepfather.The happy couple ready to go enjoy an evening with close friends and family.