Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby Will

The day my grandpa was celebrating his 94th birthday was the day that William Kurt Roemler was born. I waited anxiously and patiently all day on Friday, March 11th until Mike got home so we could go to the hospital and meet this precious baby. This was a bittersweet moment for me, knowing that this would be one of the few times I would get to love and cuddle on him before his family headed to Atlanta in 6 weeks. He is a perfectly beautiful little boy.

The Momma, Sarah, only a few hours after giving birth. I love you, my dear friend, and am so happy for you with this newest addition to your family. We all definitely prayed and waited for him!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rodeo Day

The kids had Rodeo Day at school. The girls put on a show at school for the parents. They sang a variety of songs involving Texas, boots, cows, chickens and eggs. They also played a few different instruments along with the songs. I decided to video tape the performance instead of taking my camera this time but here is a picture of them in their 'get-up' before going to school. I had a blast watching each of their personalities come out in their performance. I was a very proud momma.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Nana's 60th Birthday

We had Nana's big 60th birthday celebration at our house the weekend before her actual day. She really wanted to just spend time with her grandchildren (and maybe with her kids too :-) so the easiest way for us to do that was to spend the weekend at home. We definitely wanted to make this sweet lady feel special on her big day but we also wanted it to be relaxing and fun. Nana has done a lot of living over the past 60 years. She has an incredible testimony and has been able to help a number of people that have gone through the same things. Most importantly she has been a wonderful mother and grandmother to all of us!

The Birthday Girl

Uncle Drew, Aunt Kim and Nana drove in on Thursday night so we were able to spend Friday morning relaxing. We took advantage of some really beautiful Houston weather by taking a walk and playing outside.

Believe it or not, this picture was not staged. Carter likes to be "snuggled" so he walks around with a blanket until Aubrey helps wrap him up in it. Somehow the bible and kiss ended up being a part of the process this time. There are no words...Then we all got cleaned up and had a little cuddle time.
Again, I have no words...
Enjoying queso and fish tacos at Berry Hill.
Uncle Drew was so sweet and brave to take all 4 kids to go pick up the cake and then back to the house for rest time so the girls could go enjoy a spa afternoon. We each had our toes done and were able to enjoy a few hours of quiet, adult time.MIMI met us at the spa to wish Nana a 'Happy Birthday.'We came home to Carter napping and the girls working puzzles. Good Job Uncle Drew!
My niece, Julia, was running a high fever earlier in the week so my sister-in-law stayed back in Frisco with her while my brother brought the other two nieces with him. They arrived around dinner time. We put all 5 girls together for a slumber party. Aunt Kim read to them before we shut the door and listened to another 30 minutes of giggling. I think each dad had to make one trip upstairs to tell them to settle down but that isn't too bad for 5 girls in a room who don't get to see each other that often :-)

The next morning started bright and early with breakfast...


...and Aubrey's 8:00 soccer game.

Aubrey loved having her cousins, Aunt, Uncles and Nana there supporting her.

After the game, we went to Collins park to let everyone play.

Then off to lunch at Los Cucos.

Singing 'Happy Birthday' to Nana in the birthday hat. Everyone had lots of fun trying on the hat.

An afternoon of play time for the kids and rest time for the adults.

That evening we celebrated with cake.

Nana and her grandkids (We missed you Julia!)Who wants cake?The next morning Kevin, Bella and Abbey had to go home.
But Uncle Drew stayed another day to help make MORE shrinky dinks with the girls. Story time
Happy Birthday Nana! We enjoyed celebrating your birthday with you. We love you very much!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Soccer Season

WOW, what a different soccer season we have had from the fall. Maybe it is the child, maybe it is the child's age, maybe it is the coach, maybe it is the team...there are a lot of different factors this time but it has been an amazing tears, no negotiating to get on the field and lots of fun!

Her team chose to be the lions (orange lions?)

The coach has this bench that the kids sat on when they were not in the game.Coach Carson giving the team a pep talk before the game. He is so good with the kids. His goal is that they all of fun and learn a few soccer skills at the same time.He is always very positive and encouraging

Aubrey spent a lot of time on the field. She always hustles and tries her best

She has scored a number of goals throughout the season. Her siblings have been at all the games showing their support......or eating snacks and kicking soccer balls... ...or getting shoulder rides.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Grandpa and Judy come to Houston

Grandpa and Judy came from St. Louis to visit us for a couple of days before they headed to Dallas and then to Destin, their home away from home.

They didn't come without bringing Valentine's gifts for all of the kids and Aubrey's birthday presents.The next day we went to the Woodlands Mall and rode the carousel. Carter and Lily did not want to get on those horses. Emery was a little unsure about riding the horse. Aubrey had a blast! Then we took the kids to run around in the play area before eating lunch (and Mommy doing a little shopping :-)This guy had an audience for his remote control helicopter demonstration (the helicopter is hard to see but it is over on the far left of the picture.) Carter was completely fascinated by it. Aubrey has a special place in her Grandpa's heart. The next morning we went to breakfast and then to Aubrey's soccer game. She scored 3 goals in that game. The kids love spending time with Grandpa and Judy!