Monday, December 8, 2008

Decorating the Christmas Tree

It took a couple nights but we got the Christmas tree and decorations up last week. We enjoy decorating our REAL tree while listening to classic Christmas music. As you can see, Aubrey was more interested in actually helping than the other two. Mike is convinced that Carter will definitely want to help him out with stuff like this. Thanks to Daddy for doing the majority of the work this year! Mommy and her girls

Thursday, December 4, 2008


We spent Thanksgiving day in Plano with the Hall family.
Papa, Uncle David, Aunt Ashley, Anna and Mema

It was Anna's first Thanksgiving.

Aubrey was enjoying the twice baked potatoes. Look at that plate of food Daddy made for her!

TCU campus

TCU has done some renovating since we graduated (about 10 years ago). So while I was in Fort Worth for part of the week of Thanksgiving, my mom and I took the girls and my nieces, Bella and Abbey, on a campus tour.
Frog Fountain
It is known to be good luck to rub the nose of the Horned Frog statue!

Amon Carter is a major contributer to the school which is how the stadium got its name and might be how we came up with the name for our little boy. One of the new dorms has also been given the Amon Carter name. I thought it was great that our son already has his name on a building!