Friday, December 4, 2009

Princesses and Superheros Party

Kaylinn's 4th birthday party was a princesses and superheros theme at the gym of their church. The kids played with balls and bikes and jumped in the bounce house for fun.
The Tuley Family
Katie, Kaylinn, Lissie, David and John David
The girls got tutus and the boys got capes for their party favors.
Carter's first time on a bike.
Carter happily playing with his friend Lissie.
Some of the kids at the party. The birthday girl is in the hot pink princess outfit.
Mrs. Tuley made some delicious chocolate covered pretzels that ALL of the Halls enjoyed.
The adorable cake was made by Kaylinn's grandma.
The suprise was when you cut into the cake and found these amazing 6 layers of colorful goodness.
2 of the 3 girls decided to take a swing at the pinata.

Tea Party

Sydnie had her 4th birthday party at Tea for Two Tearoom. It was a party just for the girls so we left Daddy and Carter at home. They started out by dressing up in beautiful gowns and an assortment of jewelry.
MeyerM.K.Sydnie and Sally
Then they had their nails painted with some very sparkly polish.
They gave them real teapots and teacups filled with "tea" i.e. pink lemonade.
Aubrey loved sipping her tea.
Emery loved filling up her teacup.
All of the girls enjoying their tea, lunch (turkey sandwiches on croissant rolls, grapes, chips and a muffin) and cake.