Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthday Treats

Since Lily and Emery's birthday is in July, we made birthday treats for the second to last day of school so they could celebrate their birthday with their classmates. They are putting the worms in the dirt pudding.
Of course, we had to eat any leftover worms. Lily, how old are you and Emery going to be?

Splash Day

To celebrate the end of the school year, the preschool kids had Splash Day and the parents were invited to come enjoy the fun. Aubrey is making sure she has on plenty of sunscreen.
There were plenty of fun things for the kids to do, including sliding down slip 'n slides...
...playing in sprinklers...
...blowing bubbles......and throwing beach balls.
She had a blast. Carter and I were glad we got to be a part of this warm and wonderful afternoon.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hall Family Time

We made a quick trip up to Dallas the weekend our nephew, Graham, was being dedicated at church. First we stopped by the farm in Plano to see Mema.
It was a beautiful day so we took the kids outside to see their favorite thing on the farm...
...the horses.
Barney was checking out Emery. He is a sweet and gentle dog but he was not too sure about having all these kids hanging around.Carter had just started walking so he was very proud of himself when he could "run" around in the grass.
After our time with Mema, we went to Uncle David and Aunt Ashley's house in McKinney. They had to go to a wedding in Waco that evening so we hung around and helped out MIMI so the cousins could have some time to play together. MIMI with her youngest grandchild, Graham.
Again, it was such a beautiful day that we spent most of our time outside, coloring with chalk...
...swinging in the sun...
...and gliding.
The next day we got ready in the hotel to head to Prestonwood Baptist church for the dedication.
The Hall girlsDavid and Ashley having their son dedicated.
The whole family after the service before we headed over to Honey and Papa's for lunch and some more cousin play time.

Precious Moments

Here are some random pictures that as the mother of these children I thought were too precious not to share.
The big sister reading her little sister a story.
A favorite Hall pastime -- lining up the chairs and watching cars/people go by.
Carter got this onesie from the Hartley's for his first birthday. It is his Daddy's favorite gift we have ever received.
Big sister and little brother watching a little t.v. together in their favorite chair.The Castillo family was in town from Fort Worth for a family event. They were able to come over one evening to play for a little while.