Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gymnastics Tea Party

Aubrey's new gymnastics coach, Coach Ellen, is really sweet and creative. She makes being at the gym 4 hours a week exciting for the girls. She is very positive and encouraging. In February, she had the girls earning 'jewels' for getting certain skills and exhibiting certain behavior. After a specific number of jewels were earned, they got to have a tea party. This precious table was set up in the party room at Bannon's. They enjoyed tea (Hawaiian Punch) and cupcakes.

These adorable hair clips were made by Audrey's mom. Audrey is one of Aubrey's teammates.Level 2 Team at their tea party. Cheers!!! Coach Ellen had a lot of treats for the girls. She put glitter in their hair... ...she painted their fingernails......she had coach Michelle give them tattoos. Then each girl passed out the Valentine's they brought for each other. What a sweet and fun group of girls. Aubrey has made some great friends on her team. Coach Ellen went out of her way to make this very special for the girls.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

A small goodie for each of my Valentine's.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mike's 36th Birthday

Confessions of a Wife--I had a church meeting on Mike's actual birthday so we celebrated the night before with his favorite, Tres Leches,
a homemade card from the kids and a few gifts.
Probably not the most exciting birthday for him but we wanted him to know how special he is to us and how much we love him!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aubrey's 5th Birthday

Aubrey chose brownies to bring to school for her birthday treat. But we couldn't make just plain 'ol brownies so we added some chocolate icing and sprinkles. Yummy!!
This beautiful little girl makes her father and me very proud. She is smart, pretty, happy, polite, loving, friendly, outgoing, full of energy, a good student, a talented gymnastic, a hard worker, a skilled soccer player and a wonderful daughter and big sister. One thing I can say about her is that she tries her best at everything she does and she is fortunate to do most things well. When I try to explain to my girls how much I love them, I end up telling them that the love I have for them they will only understand once they are a mother. It is almost impossible to put into words the love we feel for our children.
Lily was excited that it was Aubrey's birthday. She is definitely a morning person.Emery is not as much of a morning person.
She was so excited to open presents that we didn't even wait for Carter to wake up.
A beautiful James Avery necklace from Nana.
She really wanted a pair of slippers. Traditional Birthday Breakfast
We made more brownies with more icing and sprinkles to take to the....
...park where we met our...
...running group.
Aubrey chose Willie's for lunch.
Date Night with Daddy
We are starting a new tradition...a special night out alone with Daddy to the restaurant of their choice. Aubrey chose Chuck E. Cheese!?!?! Alone time with any of our kids is rare which makes it very special. They had a wonderful time together.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tea Party

We had a tea party at The Bake Shoppe for Aubrey's 5th birthday party. This was a 'girls only' party so Daddy and Carter stayed at home. But we wanted to include them in a couple of pictures before we left.

We got to the restaurant a little early so we had to wait while they finished setting up the table... This beautiful table was decorated by Melissa (in the black hat), the owner of The Bake Shoppe. Each plate at the table was different and just as adorable as this one. The 'first course' was tea and cookies. Aubrey picked the shape of the cookies (hearts), the color of the icing (pink) and the color of the sprinkles (blue). They had a blast trying on some of the fun hats that were laying on the table for decoration.

Melissa made this "Mad Hatter" outfit for her daughter's birthday and she let Aubrey try it on. MIMI is such a wonderful help to have at birthday parties. She is great at making my job as the hostess really easy. Aubrey and Ellery, one of her gymnastics teammates.Madi and Izzy M.K. Sally and Meyer

SydnieA table of little young ladies


Lily sipping her tea.

For the 'second course', the girls could choose anything they wanted for lunch. Most of them picked macaroni and cheese. After lunch, each girl was given their initial and they decorated it with torn pieces of scrapbook paper.
Melissa painted and glittered each letter that the girls received as party favors. They turned out really cute. The 'final course' was dessert. Aubrey picked chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and pink/blue sprinkles. The moms also enjoyed lunch and these delicious petifores for dessert.

Singing Happy Birthday!

The girls all gathered around so Aubrey could open her presents...
Some of the momsAubrey's friends
The Hall girls
This was an incredible easy party (just pay the bill :-) and the girls had a really good time. The Bake Shoppe has delicious food and fabulous desserts...since Daddy and Carter missed the party we had to take one of the homemade ding-dongs home to them.