Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Mike and I went to Fredericksburg for a long weekend to celebrate our 9th anniversary. We stayed at his mom and stepdad's bed & breakfast, Abend Haus. MIMI stayed with the girls for most of the weekend and then Nana came later to help also. We brought Carter with us because of the feeding and sleeping situations. We enjoyed an incredibly relaxing weekend together, spending mornings and evenings sitting on the patio in the backyard watching a hummingbird eat from a feeder. It was also nice to get some one-on-one time with Carter.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fourth of July

The Erickson's had their annual 4th of July party at their house with swimming, eating and fireworks. Here is some of the group cooling off in the pool.
Mary didn't have her twins there so she got to take care of our twins!
My little guy loves to kick his feet in the water.
Emery getting ready to jump off the rocks...
...Emery jumping off the rocks.
Aubrey getting ready to jump off the rocks...
...Aubrey jumping...
...and jumping off the rocks.
Lily is watching her sisters do all the jumping.

Thanks, Michelle, for this precious picture taken after we bathed the girls with the hose in their backyard!
Michael and Josh tending to the smoker. Emily made these very festive cupcakes.
Aaron put together this board with the fireworks holders bolted to it so we could enjoy an incredible and safe fireworks display. It is great that they live outside the city limits so we were able to shoot off fireworks.
This is just a glimpse at the amazing show the guys put on for us that night. We could hear cheering from all around the neighborhood when they were done.
Michelle and Mary...
...Christy, Eric and Emily enjoying the fireworks.
God Bless America!

Windrose Pool

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Windrose's neighborhood pool. It has a huge shallow pool attached to a larger, deeper pool and a really neat double water slide. It was the perfect place to have four kids with different swimming abilities. We met the Scalises and Davis' there for a morning of swimming and a picnic lunch.
Stacie and Anne are friends I met through Stroller Fit.
Lily attempting to get the goggles to stay on her face.
Although Meyer Davis is only 5 years old, I kid around with her that I would love to hire her to babysit my children :-) She loves Lily and Emery and does an amazing job taking care of them!
Heger Davis Sydnie Scalise and Aubrey playing around in the Davis' sun hats.
Stacie and Grace

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Two Big Accomplishments

#1 - Lily has been EXTREMELY afraid to swing on any swing but the baby one in our house. I am not exaggerating when I say she screams and shakes when she is just sitting on the swing let alone when it is actually moving. But one day she got the courage to take baby steps when attempting to swing...baby steps, laying on her tummy...
baby steps...laying backwards on her tummy...
baby steps....SWINGING! We are so proud of her!
#2 - All 4 Hall children are taking a bath together now. It is so much fun and a lot easier for Mommy and Daddy. Aubrey does a great job helping hold and soap her brother while he gets better at sitting up. We wonder how long they will all fit in there together?!?!

Lady Bug Birthday Party

Izzy and Madi had an adorable lady bug birthday party to celebrate turning 3!Appetizers and Snacks
The birthday girls are sitting at the table.
How old are you Izzy?
What a beautiful smile Madi! Lady bug cupcakes
(FYI - These delicious cupcakes were from Kroger and the icing did not stain mouths, hands or clothes!)
The girls eating lunch.
Mr. Roemler was helping make bug necklaces.

Bug collecting buckets
Aubrey and Emery collecting bugs in the back yard.

The boys - Kirk and Garrison Millender & Mike and Carter Hall
What a fun, activity-filled birthday party. Thanks you Roemler girls for letting us help you celebrate your third birthday.