Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Easter Tea Party

Sweet coach Ellen promised the girls another tea party based on if they all got one of the hardest skills they need to know for Level 3...the front mill! They did it so they were able to enjoy an Easter tea party with cookie decorating, nail painting and egg exchanging.

Aubrey with her teammate and friend, Annie
Ellen is also Emery's coach so she graciously included her in the party. She was thrilled to be hanging with the big girls.
It isn't a tea party without painting fingernails!

Gettin' ready to pass out her eggs. By the look of that hair, she practiced really hard that day :-)

Carter wasn't invited to the party so he watched through the window and made plenty of attempts to be silly to get the girl's attention.

the (Level 2, almost Level 3) girls

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Preschool 3's Field Trip

Foundry Preschool 3's does their field trip to Bear Creek Park the week before Easter so they can have the kids do an Easter Egg Hunt. It was a beautiful spring day for the event.

First we played on the playground.

Emery with her favorite buddy in her class, Fisher.

What is down there?

Listening to the teacher's instructions for the egg hunt.

Collecting eggs.
We got all of our eggs.I really enjoyed getting to spend some special time with my twins.
The best part of the day is digging through the eggs to find out what they got and eating as much of the candy as possible right before lunch.
Lily's class
Emery's classAll four kids got to enjoy an Easter activity at school!