Monday, April 26, 2010

Birthday Dinner with Family

Our first night of celebrating Drew's 30th birthday was at Chuy's with my mom, Kim's family and my brother, Kevin and his family .
The very happy couple

This is what it looks like when you force your child to take a picture with you. Silly Lily!
Drew and Julia
Emery and Kim
Aubrey and Bella posing...
and trying another pose.
Carter loves to sit on "big people" seats. 6 out of 7 cousins
The girls and Carter
Drew opening presents and listening to his card sing.
The group watching him open presents while waiting to eat.
Dinner Time
Abbey helped Aubrey eat a whole bowl of queso and chips. Aubrey also ate an entire bowl of the green sauce that night. (like mother, like daughter)
Another great pic of Drew and Kim.
The kids got push pops for dessert. Carter enjoyed his...
...and Lily definitely enjoyed hers.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Air Evac

I took the kids to Dallas to celebrate my brother's 30th birthday. Mike couldn't make the trip because he had to work that weekend. I picked the kids up from school on Thursday and we headed out after we had a nail and screw removed from one of my tires that I happened to notice only an hour earlier. It was a God thing!
Drew works for Air Evac (flight rescue) in Ennis which is on the way to his house. He just happened to be working that night so we stopped and ate dinner with him. This is where the crew stays while working their 24 hour shift.
Drew and the kids before he shows them the helicopter.
Drew showing the girls the inside of the helicopter.
Carter liked sitting in the helicopter but...
...he was much more interested in playing with it."Can you see me Mommy?"
3 out of the 4 times we have stopped to see Drew (actually, to see the helicopter) they have been called out on a flight. The first time we saw him take off, I got teary watching my baby brother do something so important and risky at the same time. The second time we didn't even make it to the base but we were able to see the helicopter flying while we were driving north on 45. Very cool. This minute he is showing us another helicopter in the hanger and the next minute the door is swinging behind him, he grabs his helmet and they start preparing to take off. It is amazing the how quickly and calmly this whole process happens. I am so proud of my brother's faith and courage.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Carter's Second Haircut

This is Carter's SECOND haircut because...I took the girls to get their haircut one day and while we were there I decided to go ahead and get his cut too. Of course I didn't have my camera with me but we did keep his little sample of hair from the official first haircut. I feel bad because this just proves he is truly a fourth child :-)
Ms. Gogi just loves her little clients. She is so patient with them and their mommies. She also has an abundant supply of suckers and animal crackers which makes the kids very happy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Houston Rodeo

We went to the rodeo with the girls, Uncle David, Aunt Ashley and Anna. MIMI watched Carter and Graham for us. We packed as much of the rodeo experience into one Saturday afternoon as we could. Here we are riding the train from the parking lot. It was a very windy day. Lily doesn't like the wind so she wasn't too happy standing outside for a picture.
The girls looking at all the baby animals.
The little squeaky sound this piglet was making is so sweet.
This little calf is trying to get its walking legs.Lamb
Fat Rabbit
Lily and Emery trying to get a closer view.
Aubrey and Anna are a little more interested in the popcorn.
A lot of hand holding.
After we saw all the livestock, we walked through the carnival.
We stopped to get a funnel cake for Mommy but I think the girls at most of it.
Lily eventually picked up the plate and licked it clean. YUMMY!
Anna wasn't sure what to think of the funnel cake.
We made it in to watch the rodeo and hear 3 songs from Blake Shelton.
What a full but fun day. I asked the girls their favorite part of the rodeo...
Aubrey said "Watching the guys." (i.e. bull riding)
Lily said "The baby pigs."
Emery said "Eating pretzels and drinking Sprite."
On the way home they all asked to do it again tomorrow (i.e. next year!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Doin' Things Carter's Way

My friend Anne gave us this great push toy to help Carter with his walking but he would rather sit in it...

or stand in it.And it makes him sooooo happy!

Trying to teach him that books are meant to be read, not eaten.

But what can you say to a face like that?!