Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

This might not be the 'best' picture from Christmas Eve before we went to the 2:00 family service but it is the most real. The true emotions of the Hall kids at that moment...

So happy to have Nana here celebrating Christmas with us!Cooper thinks he is one of the kids...might not be but he is definitely a good at posing for pictures.
Cookies and eggnog for Santa. The reindeer food (in the bowl) was supposed to be sprinkled on the front lawn but it was raining so we opted to have Santa take it to the reindeer and feed them. All of the kids signed their name on the note (the scribble line says "Carter" and the twins only wrote their first initial.)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lovin' Uncle Drew and Aunt Kim

Uncle Drew and Aunt Kim came to Houston for almost a week during their Christmas vacation and the Hall children loved every minute it!!!!! They brought their dog, Cooper, along with them. The two big dogs were very sweet to each other but mostly stayed in their own territory.
That is Lily behind the blanket :-)
Not only did they entertain my children most of the time, they also baked the most delicious gingersnaps (gluten-free) and caramel popcorn.They gave Aubrey shrinky-dinks for Christmas. Everyone was excited to make them, including the adults.
Carefully watching them 'shrink.'
the finished products

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lots of playing and eating...

This was a special day for our running group was Christmas vacation so all the school aged kids were able to join us and it was Meyer Jane Davis' 7th birthday. The mommies of all those precious faces above - - Stacie, Kari, Tootie, Anne, Kristen and Me.
So while each mommy went running, the kids played and...
...posed for pictures...
...hung around... ...rode the horsey......loved on baby Brynn...
...and gave the birthday girl hugs.
Meyer chose Lupe Tortilla for her birthday lunch.
Not only is their food so yummy but they have a great play area for the kids. The Hall children really enjoyed playing in the sandbox...
Doin' some climbin'.the kid's table
the mom's table
Mr. Buff (Meyer's daddy) came to enjoy lunch with us...actually he helped feed, hold and watch all the kids...and we really appreciated it!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Time with Friends

While our friends, the Junods, were in town from Doha, we were able to meet them and some of our other friends one Sunday after church for lunch and some play time at this beautiful park. Sadly, this group of friends that I met through Wendi don't get to see each other too often because we are all in different places in the world, the state or our lives right now. But it is so nice when we are able to get together.
The guys seem to be having a very serious discussion?!?!
The kids discovered a dog, a squirrel, a worm???
This park had so many fun, new things for the kids to explore. Too bad it isn't a little closer to our house...
Emery playing on the see-saw with Brooks and Barrett Junod. They were having a blast!
Another one of Mike's childhood favorites (besides coloring) is swinging.
After all the playing, the kids took a minute to pose for me to take a few more pictures...
Lily helping take care of precious Georgia Junod.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chenoweth/Hall Christmas

We went to MIMI and PawPaw's house for our traditional early Christmas celebration with the other Halls and the Chenoweths.My girls just love the attention from older girls and I appreciate that they like to give it to them. Morgan (our niece) is holding Lily and Courtney (John's girlfriend) is holding Aubrey. MIMI with six of her grandchildren.
Our first attempt to take a family picture didn't go so well but I love how Mike is laughing and Carter is crying...they kinda look the same!
MIMI and PawPaw set up the train and snow village on the kitchen table so that it...
...was easy for the kids to watch. Emery is "showing" Anna the train :-)
This was amazing entertainment. Carter stood their and watched for 10 minutes at a time!
One of the traditions of the night is to light the Advent wreath while reading about the meaning of each candle. The reading and candle lighting parts have been passed down from the adults to the older kids and then to the younger kids as they get old enough to handle lighting a candle or are able to read.
Aubrey lighting the first candle.
Emery lighting the third candle.
For some reason I did not get a picture of Lily lighting her candle but here she is watching the others being lit.
Next, we always sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.
PawPaw held Carter for this and he got a kick out of listening to Carter belt out the words. It is one of his favorite songs and you can actually understand most of what he is saying.
Then we eat dinner which MIMI has catered so none of us have to cook since we have the task of shopping and wrapping at this time of the year. Thanks MIMI!
the adult table
the kids table Finally it is time to open presents. This is what a tree looks like that has presents for 24 people under it. WOW!
Opening presents time gets a little crazy!?!?!?! so this is the only picture I got but I know Mike was good about videoing the event.
The Hall family's final attempt to take a picture that evening. Better!?!?