Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heger's birthday party

Heger had his 2nd birthday party at Hooks Aviator grill. Before we enjoyed dinner at the restaurant, we went to the hanger next door to check out a private airplane.
Meyer, Emery and Sydnie
The Davis girls are wonderful helpers. Extra hands are always welcome in our family!
The Plane
You, too, can own this plane for a mere $400,000.The Pilot
Heger's Daddy dressed the part.
Where am I? What am I doing?Aubrey eventually warmed up to the idea of getting in the plane and once she did, she didn't want to get out.
Flying baby! Sally and ShelbyMeyer and M.K. putting together and decorating foam airplanes.Aubrey really enjoyed decorating her airplane!
The cake
The favors

Picking blackberries

Our neighbor, Chris, found a terrific patch of wild blackberries along a bike trail near a park at Cypresswood and Grant Road. As soon as he told us they were ripe enough to pick, we headed out there.
Aubrey and Emery were trying to figure out what to do with the buckets.
Emery and Elizabeth getting ready to cross under the bridge at Cypresswood.
We attempted to only pick the black ones!
Chris showing Lily how to pick the blackberries and put them in her was more like how to pick them and eat them!
Aubrey carefully reaching in to pick a blackberry...the bushes are full of prickly things.Lily was ever so gently picking the berries also.
But more fun for Lily than picking the blackberries was dumping them out of her bucket and picking them up off the ground!
Carter was enjoying the sunny day.
"Mom, look what we found!"The Group
Clouatres, Hartleys and Halls
Our Loot

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maria's baby shower

My next door neighbor is expecting her first child in July. We threw her a modified Pickles and Ice Cream shower because she doesn't know the gender of the baby. In spite of the weather, it was a very nice celebration for the newest addition to the Hartley family.The Hartley womenMaria's family
The hostesses with the mommy-to-be
Nicole, Maria, me and Elizabeth

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Easter Sunday before church We went to Champions for lunch. They always have bunnies, a petting zoo and train rides along with a delicious buffet and wonderful treats for the kids. The children's area (NO parents allowed) had face painting, balloon figures and make your own cupcakes.
That is Hello Kitty painted on Aubrey's arm. That looks like a pink Avery!

Family Birthday Celebration

We helped celebrate Maddie's 12th and Scott's 50th birthdays over Easter weekend. It is nice when we get together with the cousins because my kids LOVE hanging out with them. I really appreciate all the extra help!
Morgan, Aubrey, Emery and Maddie
MIMI, Lainey and Carter
Daddy and EmeryLily and DianaAnna, David and Lily
There have been some new additions to the Hall/Chenoweth family. Chipper and Jake are new lab puppies that kept everyone entertained that night. Also, there will be a new cousin joining the family in October....Anna is going to be a big sister.

Friday, April 24, 2009


A friend of mine told me about this "secret" place to find bluebonnets where you don't have to drive halfway to Austin and stand beside the highway. It was a beautiful and perfect spot. With that said, we quickly learned that there should be no expectations when taking pictures with four happy if no one is crying....don't count on everyone looking at the camera....and definitely not everyone will be smiling. So the group pictures didn't turn out as hoped but Daddy got some great shots of the girls individually.