Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dying Eggs Playdate

On Mondays and Fridays I meet with some of my friends at parks around the area and the moms take turns running while the other moms watch the kids. This day we met at the Davis' so that after our runs the kids could dye Easter eggs and have lunch together. It was Good Friday so the bigger kids didn't have school which was even more fun! Meyer is such a wonderful helper and all the babies love her.
Anne is Ty's second mommy.
Sydnie was enjoying some play time with Lily.
Thanks Stacie for holding of Audrey while her mommy was running.Lily G. or "brown hair" Lily
Emery, Aubrey, Meyer and Shelby taking pictures or playing games with the cameras.
Heger found the Easter candy. M.K., Heger, Aubrey and Claire waiting patiently to dye eggs.
Sally and Shelby were waiting patiently also.
Deciding what color to dye their eggs.
Dying eggs with a little supervision from Mrs. Scalise.
What a pretty egg Emery!
I got this idea for bunny cupcakes from my creative sister-in-law, Ashley.
The Davis' were petting sitting Pumpkin, the hamster. He was very popular with the kids.
The kids minus Carter, Audrey and Grace.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Preschool Egg Hunt and Picnic

The Preschool 3's at Foundry Day School went to Bearcreek Park for an egg hunt and picnic lunch. Lily and Emery were in school that day but Carter came along to join in on the fun. Aubrey, along with her friends, Scarlett and Savanah, is helping her brother practice walking.
Some of the sweet girls from Aubrey's class
Abigail, Ellie, Aubrey, Taylor, Scarlett, Savanah
Carter had a blast crawling all over the playground equipment. He sat still long enough to pose for this picture. I love that face!
The kids are lined up with their baskets ready to hunt eggs. Aubrey and Ellie waiting patiently.They were allowed to collect 12 eggs. Aubrey had all of hers gathered in no time.Trying to show me her collection of eggs.
This park had two big play areas and a number of huge pavillions. It was the perfect place for a school outing. Ms. Kathy helping the girls with their lunches.
Aubrey enjoying her lunch and a day out with her mom and little brother. We really cherish those times together.
Aubrey's class is called "Chicas Champions."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

30th Birthday Celebration

Drew has been known to take some very random pictures when he gets a camera in his hands. Sometimes the pictures have to be deleted right away but these I thought I would share. Emery heading up the stairs.
Hello Lily
Sometimes you don't even know he is taking pictures.
I think Carter is trying to tell me to quit checking my phone.

Saturday night, Drew had two girls from his youth group come over and babysit so we could do an "adult only" evening.
We enjoyed dinner at Nate's Seafood in Addison and then headed over to Pete's Piano Bars to listen to the dueling pianos.

Tova, Topher, Jessi, Phil, Kim, Drew, my mom