Sunday, November 13, 2011

Champions Park Swim Team

After having moved into the Champions Park neighborhood, we knew a number of families that have been on swim team. So Aubrey decided to try it this year. She has spent plenty of time in pools but has only had about 2 months worth of swim lessons (one month when she was a little over two and one month the previous summer.) I would like to say that these pictures were a true reflection of the season but that would not be true. There were plenty of tears before we got to this point. She did great the first three weeks of practice when there was a one-to-one ratio of teenage helpers to swimmers but when it was down to just three coaches and 20 kids, Aubrey wasn't sure swimming across the entire length of the pool was something she could do. Thank goodness for time trails -- the first meet of the season that is just our team and each swimmer getting their "best" times. It was a great chance for novice swimmers to get an idea of what the real thing was going to be like. After missing her heat and false starting on another heat, Aubrey made it ALL the way across the pool in 1 minute 20 seconds. But each week there were less tears and improved swim times. One nice thing was that each child at the 6 and under age groups got a ribbon as soon as they got out of the pool so she felt like she had 'won.' Although there were some rough moments, Mike and I encourage her through the whole thing. She does not have to do swim team again but if our children make a commitment and start something, they have to finish it.

The whole family was there almost every Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. to cheer her on. With the super early start time, we normally just ate breakfast there. Another nice thing was that the 6 and under age group raced in the top 50 heats so we didn't have to be there all day but there was still plenty of waiting around to do.

The kids met some great new friends and got very creative with their activities as they waited to swim. The girls with one of their new friends, Emily Howell.

Aubrey really loves Ashley Wigginton. She lives on our street, is on the swim team, helped with some of the coaching at the beginning of the season and has started doing some babysitting for us. She is very, very sweet to Aubrey.Our friend, Mrs. Davis, was in charge of the ready bench and she had it very well organized. Here are all the kids lining up and filing into their places to wait to swim their event.
Aubrey waiting on deck.
Swimmers take your marks, ready...GO! Aubrey swam three events -- free style relay, free style and backstroke.
Hanging on the platform, getting ready for backstroke.
It turned out to be a great season. At divisionals, Aubrey swam freestyle in 33 seconds! She says she wants to swim again next year but with her sister, Emery. We really enjoyed getting to know many wonderful families in the neighborhood.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Summer Birthdays

Every few months we get together to celebrate the Chenoweth/Hall birthdays. This family birthday celebration included all May, June and July birthdays. That was Aunt Diana, John, Morgan, Lily and Emery.

Guess how old I am going to be?

Scott and Cindy graciously hosted the event so the kids could enjoy some swimming before dinner, cake and presents. It is nice to have the older kids around to help with swimming so Mommy and Daddy don't have to get in the pool :-) Thanks Maddie!
The birthday people get to request the type of dessert they want so we had cookie cake and homemade yellow cake with homemade chocolate icing.Lighting ALL the candles.Singing "Happy Birthday" to all of the birthday people. Opening presents. Yes, they are in their pajamas...we are all family, right?!?! Girl cousins smiling for the camera while Carter is trying on pink/orange Crocs that the girls got from Aunt Mary.
Aubrey giving her sister some early birthday love.