Friday, September 30, 2011

Good Friday Family Service

The kids and I went to our annual Good Friday family service. It starts at 5:00 so Mike wasn't able to meet us. Gabby (8th grade) and Mackenzie (7th grade) are two girls who are very helpful for me whenever we have events/activities at church. They love the kids and are very good with them. We started in the sanctuary with some praise time and then a brief drama presentation of the Easter story. The kids don't get to be in the santuary too often so when they do, it is very impactful.
How does a panda fit in with the Easter theme???

It doesn't...since this was a community event we were doing some advertising for VBS. The theme this year was PandaMania.
Then we headed outside for an egg hunt and to play with the bunnies and chicks.

Gotta show Momma what I collected!