Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Aubrey!

Good Morning Birthday Girl!
Aubrey started counting down to her birthday before the beginning of the new year. This was the first year she really "got" the birthday thing and she was super excited. It also made it a lot of fun for Mommy to get ready for her special day. She is enjoying the traditional chocolate chip pancake birthday breakfast.
She had really been looking forward to opening her presents.Carter was sleeping/napping through many of the birthday events so I had to make sure I got a good picture of him to prove that he was there too! Typing away on the new computer her grandpa got her. She looks like she knows what she is doing.
An "I love you" charm to add to her bracelet from Nana.
MIMI got her this horse she could ride on. It is similar to what we used to have back in the day but with all the new safety standards! The horse was a hit with all the girls. Check out the riding face on Lily...
...and Emery.
Another thing Aubrey really wanted to do on her birthday (and for a few days after her birthday) was sing "Happy Birthday" to her whenever we had dessert. Here is round 2 of candles and singing on her special day.
Happy Birthday to our first born daughter. You bring us so much joy and we are very proud of everything about you!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Slidin' and Ridin'

Our friend, Davis, had his 5th birthday party at Monkey Bizness. The kids always have so much fun bouncing and climbing around. I took pictures of Aubrey and Emery on the slide because I alway love how little and adorable they look on this big thing. Here they are climbing the steps with their friend, Marin.
Getting ready to go down together on their bellies. It is hard to see their big, precious smiles.
No fear from the red-head. Cake time.
That same day was the day before Aubrey's birthday. Since her birthday was on a Sunday, with church and the fact that it was supposed to rain that day, we decided to give her one of her birthday presents early so she could spend some time enjoying it on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.
She got a new pink and purple bike and helmet. She told Daddy he got the "right" colors.
Getting her all fixed up for her first ride.
Ready to go.
Sincetheir sister was going to get to ride something, Lily and Emery had to find things to ride also. Very creative girls!
Lily and Emery now get to have the 'red bike' all to themselves.
Trying to get it to go.
Daddy and Emery cheering words of encouragement.
A very proud little girl.

Monday, March 15, 2010

February Family Birthdays

We celebrated family birthdays at our house for the month of February. It was nice to be able to host the dinner with a little more space for everyone. We celebrated Aubrey, Lainey and Mike's birthdays. Lainey turned 11 this year. Aubrey requested brownies for her birthday dessert and I made carrot cake for Mike. Daddy is blowing out the candles while Aubrey is crying because her hand touched the top of the lighter after Daddy lit the candles.

A little chocolate and ice cream makes anyone feel better.Opening presents...a favorite was this book that Mike got from Mary. It has pictures of his grandpa, Johnny Hall, in it. Johnny played football for TCU when they won the national championship in 1938.
Maddie is drawing some cool pictures for Aubrey on her new drawing board. Emery is giving her sister an early birthday hug.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Aubrey Mae

Aubrey had pajama day at school so she wore her favorite princess pjs and her sparkly slippers. Although this would have been how she truly looks when she is wearing her pajamas, we did fix her hair before she went to school!
Aubrey took dirt pudding to school for her birthday treat. She helped stir the pudding and crush the oreos but her favorite part was putting four M&Ms on each one because she was turning 4, right?!
Ready to go to school in her birthday shirt.

Playing with Dolls

I just thought this was too precious to pass up. The girls favorite thing to play with is BABIES and anything related to them...bottles, strollers, cribs, highchairs. Dolls can be found all over our house but the favorite place to put them is in their brother's crib. All the babies are named after any real babies we know i.e. Baby Graham and Baby Reece.
They were very proud of their new spot for their babies to rest.
I had to get a picture of Lily and those curls in the morning!