Friday, January 28, 2011

Topsy Turvy Christmas

Every year our church does a family Christmas event in the beginning of December. This year the theme was Topsy Turvy based on the fact that when Jesus came to earth it turned the whole world upside down. Being a member of the children's ministry staff, I was in on the planning for this event which was super fun because everything was very untraditional, bright and creative. The evening started out in the santuary with singing, a skit and some games.
The penguin and panda (this year's VBS character) made an appearance. Mackenzie and Gabby were so great helping us out the whole night with the girls.
Stacie and Brigitte are two of my co-workers. Stacie is in charge of first thru fourth grade children and Brigitte works with the fifth and sixth graders.
After the opening, we walked around as a family to different locations in the church were a variety of activities were set up.
The story of the candy cane accompanied this craft.
Each girl worked very carefully stringing red and white beads onto a red pipe cleaner. They finished off the ornament with a loop and a white bow.
Christmas Tree snack - a.k.a. icing smeared onto an ice cream cone with a bunch of candy stuck to it.Fun to make...
delicious and...
...messy to eat.
The service project consisted of...
...making a card... stuff in a stocking......along with lots of other toys and treats to give to children at a local trailer park and children in an orphanage in Mexico.
There was a petting zoo with a camel...
...and goats.
They had snow made for the night.
(You will never guess how much that little bit of snow cost. But that is the price we pay to see snow in Houston :-)
The kids LOVED it!
The adults did too!
Makin' snowballs
Throwin' snowballsSanta even stopped by. What a wonderful evening to be together as a family, spend time with other families from church, and be filled with a little of the Christmas spirit.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Coloring and Curious George

This particular Saturday afternoon we had two birthday parties to attend that were only an hour apart. The whole family started out at Adalyn's 2nd birthday party at her house.
Her party was a 'coloring' theme.
There were all different things to color including this cardboard castle which Carter thought was a lot of fun to play in.
The daddy's couldn't pass up an opportunity to do some coloring. They said they were just showing the kids what to do :-)
Emery LOVES coloring so this party was perfect for her.
Lily isn't as much into coloring so she had a blast bouncin' in the bounce house.
While Aubrey showed off some of her tricks.
Then I took Lily and Emery to Kyle's first birthday party at his house.
His party was a 'Curious George' theme.
Love the classic party hats!
Kyle's party favors were moon dough. There was a reason his mommy apologized to me when she gave them to us.

We loved getting to celebrate this special day with two of our favorite friends!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Children's Church Rehearsal

Every Sunday the girls go to 1 hour of Sunday school and 1 hour of children's church. In children's church, they learn a wide variety of songs and twice a year they get to perform a couple of those songs for the "big church." I took pictures of the rehearsal since we are not supposed to take them during the service. Children's church takes place in the chior room so that is where we met before they walked into the santuary to practice. Jordan and Lydia are two of Aubrey's friends in her class.
The whole group of 3, 4 and 5 year olds ready to sing.
'Tis Christmas
(sung to: "Away in a Manger")
'Tis Christmas! 'Tis Christmas!
The Christmas bells ring.
The birthday of Jesus
Our Savior and King.
'Tis Christmas! 'Tis Christmas!
The Christmas star shine.
The birthday of Jesus
A glad, happy time!
All of the kids were ringing bells during this song.
These were the props used for the next song. The first row (3 year olds) held mangers. The second row (4 year olds) held angels. The third row (kindergarteners) held stars.
Jesus Came
(sung to: "Deep and Wide")
Jesus came, Jesus came, Had a manger for His tiny bed
Jesus came, Jesus came, Had a manger for His tiny bed
Angels sang, Angels sang, Told the shepherds Baby Jesus came
Angels sang, Angels sang, Told the shepherds Baby Jesus came
Star above, Star above, Told the wise men Baby Jesus came
Star above, Star above, Told the wise men Baby Jesus came

Monday, January 24, 2011

Parents Night Out

The church offered a FREE night out for staff members and because I am now working as the nursery director of the church, Mike and I were able to take advantage of this wonderful offer. Mike and I went and had a relaxing, delicious dinner and then did some "santa" shopping. The kids had a blast...they got to wear their pj's to church, eat Chic-Fil-A, play with the older kids (6th thru 8th grade leadership team), play reindeer games, watch movies, make peppermint play dough, eat treats and have a gingerbread house contest...
They divided into teams to make their houses. Since there are so many of them :-) our kids were their own team. With the help of Elizabeth, a very responsible 7th grader, they made the only gingerbread house that was still standing by the end of the night.
I am in awe of the lengths our church goes to to make things special for everyone. I am very grateful for the effort people put into things to make them fun and worthwhile.